Reclaimed Wood Shelf with Staggered Shelves


This handcrafted rustic reclaimed wood shelf is a great Eco-friendly way to display your photos, candles, and other keepsakes!

Please view our production times before ordering!

Do you need D-Ring Hangers?

We can include a package of heavy duty d-ring hangers if you do not wish to fasten your shelf to the stud in your wall.

Large Board Ends *

We do NOT square the ends of these large boards (the board that the shelves are attached to) UNLESS it interferes with placing the small shelves because we feel the natural ends add to the character of the reclaimed wood. If you want both ends of your large board squared, we can do so for a fee.

Production Time and Disclaimer *

Please allow 2 to 3 weeks to create this shelf. We use 100% reclaimed wood for this shelf. We do not square the ends of the large board so your ends may be slanted. Therefore a level will be needed to hang your shelf. If you want your ends squared off, please choose that option, and we will do so for an additional fee. Your shelf may have cut off nails embedded in the holes, staple holes, nail holes, missing chunks, cracks, rough texture as many boards are rough cut, varying wood grain, knots, scratches, and other forms of natural distressed character. We try our best to remove all splinters and spots where the nails may stick out slightly, but sometimes some may be missed, or the nails may shift in shipping. So please use care when handling your shelf. We are not responsible for any injuries to your self, or damage done to your shelf or wall during hanging. There are many tutorials found online for hanging. For more information, please read the description as well as the full Handmade Disclaimer and Policies page found under more information in the description.


This uniquely handcrafted reclaimed wood shelf is created from 100% reclaimed wood. Each piece is truly one of a kind due to the nature of reclaimed wood.

One larger shelf is on the bottom for displaying your photos or other taller items, and two smaller shelves are staggered up above. Place candles, tea lights, or other keepsakes on the smaller shelves.

The wood to the shelf is left in it’s original state other than lightly sanding and sealing with a clear coat poly. We do remove any nails that are sticking out from the piece, but we do leave behind cut off nails that are not sticking out. Please be careful when handling your shelf just in case if one does pop out. Your shelf will have imperfections due to the natural beauty of reclaimed wood. It may have nail holes, staple holes, dents, chunks missing, scratches, unsquared edges, etc. Your shelves may be slightly out of square due to the nature of the reclaimed wood.


The whole piece in the photo is approximately 27.5″ tall by 11.25″ wide.

The shelves are approximately 4″ deep.

The smaller shelves are approximately 8.25″ wide and the larger one is 11.25″ wide. All of these dimensions may vary slightly from shelf to shelf.

Hanging Your Shelf:

We recommend installing your shelf by screwing it into the studs in your walls. This will ensure it will stay sturdy and not fall.  If you wish for us to include D-ring hangers instead, please select the option for including d-rings  when ordering.

More Information:

Please make sure to check out our Handmade Disclaimer and Policies for more information on our signs and to answer any questions you may have!

Additional information

Weight 7.1 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 14 x 6 in