Metal Farmers Market Sign – Galvanized Decor


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This elegantly hand crafted metal Farmers Market sign is the first of it’s kind. Inspired by our love for galvanized decor, we wanted to bring the metal into this product line. The industrial grade metal adds shine to the piece.

The wording is applied using white outdoor grade vinyl which does not chip or fade on the as paint would on a metal sign like this. The galvanized steel is screwed onto the wood that is stained special walnut and sealed with a clear coat. The galvanized steel is  unfinished for the rustic patina to remain.

Galvanized steel is not as prone to the brown oxidization also know as “Rust”, however, it can have white or grey oxidization. Please read the Disclaimer section at the bottom of the listing for more information regarding the metal used.

We have a very limited amount of aged galvanized pieces in stock. If you would like a more oxidized/aged piece used for your sign. Please contact us at the time of ordering to see if we have a piece available as the aged pieces are limited.


Dimensions are approximate:

25.25″ by 7.25″

Weight is approximate:


More Information:

The lettering on this sign is vinyl not paint as paint will scratch or chip off of galvanized steel.

The metal is galvanized steel which is less prone to the brown oxidization also know as “Rust”, however, can have the white or grey oxidization shown in the photo. We use industrial grade galvanized steel sheets, your metal may have some texture or scratches which adds to the character of the piece.

Your sign will have 6 screws securing your metal sheet to the wood. Please use care when touching the edges of the galvanized steel. The wood is sealed with a satin polyurethane, and the metal is left unfinished. In very humid climates, your sign can continue oxidizing and look more rustic with time.

Please make sure to check out our Handmade Disclaimer and Policies  for more information on our signs and to answer any questions you may have!

Additional information

Weight 3.2 lbs
Dimensions 26 x 8 x 2 in